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students are challenged to create their own photographic project for their final series for the final critique of the semester. Yeow! Ow!

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I think these photos are super cool. I think it could have been really interesting if you would have tried to really exaggerate the sky with some more advanced editing.

Mi piace

I love the color of the sky seeping through the all the branches in these photos! The trees are like silhouettes for a beautifully lit background!

Mi piace

I like these pictures because the lighting in the background creates a silhouette of the trees.

Mi piace

Wow! these skies are dramatic and so appealing. I really love how you use silhouette. I feel like this makes the skies appear more dramatic. I do feel that some of the photos appear pretty dark. You also have very consistent perspectives, but I would love to see the skies from different angles.

Mi piace

These are really sweet! I love how dark these shots are. It really displays how amazing and deep the sky can look at times. Nice job!

Mi piace
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