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Artist. Educator. Traveler. Creative.


JordanneRenner is a portrait artist that works across many platforms including large format film photography, figurative sculpture, mural paintings, public art & installation. She considers photography as an extension of her Self, a subject she has been investigating since 2000. Other topics of investigation are for her are the culture of place, the body and landscape, what we eat, and the psychology of memory. 

Pre-pandemic, she was teaching two advanced adventure photography courses abroad in Iceland, and working on a new painting series in response to that, as well as one in-response to social media likes, expanding her freelance photographic works, and designing a 75ft mural painting for Youngstown, Ohio; her camera is always in her hand.

For the last year, Jordanne has been documenting her kitchen sink- the patterns of placement, light, and relationship between her and her husband. She is interested in the intimacy of showing a moment that is typically associated with be unsightly, and an embarrassment when guests are over. Also, Jordanne has been busy creating opportunity for her fellow Women's Caucus members establishing the WE, the Women’s Caucus Exhibition opportunity through several grants she received, and has recently been elected onto the Board of Directors for the Society for Photographic Education. Since 2008 she has been professing the photographic arts as adjunct faculty, too. 

Jordanne is a wild woman with a BFA (RISD) and an MFA (OSU). Jordanne believes in giving back to the community, and is regularly involved with initiatives dismantling food deserts, supporting social justice, education, and arts outreach. Since 2007, Jordanne was invited to sit on the DC Council and GenWEX Advisory Council for the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Her mural works are held in public installations: a 204ft mural painting on Duck Creek Road in Cincinnati, Ohio; a five-wood panel painting in Goodwill Columbus’ main conference room; a 25ft mural painting in the North Market of Columbus, Ohio; a 22ft mural painting in Haus Frau Haven in German Village (Columbus, OH); a 14ft mural painting in Goodfellow’s Tonsorial Parlor in Columbus, Ohio. 



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