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students are challenged to create their own photographic project for their final series for the final critique of the semester. Yeow! Ow!

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WOW! I think my favorite part of this shoot is the fact that I literally don't think I know what any of these photos are actually of haha!


Woah, I like how these pictures made me think. Many of them I had to look at for a while to figure out what I was looking at. I like how they are a bit mysterious and cause the viewer to question what is going on inside the frame.


This project is really abstract and I am a huge fan of it. I like that they are close up and I like how the colors stand out in every picture.


This final is really awesome! I love the abstract approaches to a variety of textures and forms. One of my favorite photos is the image of what looks like glass structures through a glass window. I think that that image has a lot of textures and angles that are visually captivating. The one thing I keep wondering is how would these have been presented if this class was not online?


I love this unique final project. The use of abstract form is uniquely used here in comparison to your peers and your use of color is entrancing.

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