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I think your photos are very interesting, I just wish you had a few more in your series. I do like how you ventured into black and white photos because those are definitely underrated. I think your second photo is really cool, as it's taken from the ground level. I love taking photos from different angles, so it's similar to something I would shoot. I also really enjoy looking at the different POVs from which your photos were taken. Individually, I think both your food/drink photos are great, but they are very similar to one another.


Gabrielle Sparro
Gabrielle Sparro
Mar 30, 2022

I like that you decided to take a different approach to the prompt then your classmates. You give us a first person POV, like I have my head on the ground/table and I am watching what you are doing.

I only have two recommendations for you. I like the second photo but I wish that thr person was a little bit closer as it is hard to see. You do not have to bring them close to the camera but maybe halfway. My second recommendation is that you should show us more! Your idea is very nice and I would love to see more of it.

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