Shooting Assignments--THOMAS

Updated: May 21

VOCAB: Students are challenged to see the world around them and photograph each new vocabulary term.

LIGHT PLAY/LONG EXPOSURE/NIGHT-TIME: Students are challenged to get weird and find the magical delight of long exposure and light play magic.

PORTRAIT: Being extra mindful of composition and how the subject is addressing the viewer, Students were tasked with making portraits.

STREET: Students are challenged to step outside of their comfort zones and capture the people and the environment by working the light meter, exposure controls, and focus on the fly ready for that decisive moment.

LANDSCAPE: Channeling our inner Ansel Adams & Andreas Gursky, or Joel Meyerowitz, Students were tasked with being mindful of the color cast with the available light and creating epic landscapes.

TYPOLOGY: Light the Becher's, Students collected & catalogued whatever intrigued them.

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